Why Choose Home Caregiving?

Here at Your Guardian Angel Elder Care, our focus is on the people first, their families second–not the housework or the laundry or the errands–the people. That is why we’re called Your Guardian Angel, in my eyes we are the angel you have been looking for. We are your helping hands for anything you need to make you feel as fulfilled and independent as possible.

We are passionate about helping those who need it to make them as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to help the seniors stay in their home, as long as they can to make them feel independent

Our clients may require caregiving for a physical condition, a change in cognition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, a mental health challenge or a combination of all three. We provide dignified and personalized care, regardless of the unique circumstance in which you find yourself.

We are passionate about providing the homecare that seniors need to remain living at home, wherever home is for you.  Home could be your original farmstead, a house in the suburbs, a condo, a retirement community, a nursing home or long term care centre.  We come to you!

Our Story

My Name is Natasha Jones and I am the Owner of Your Guardian Angel Caregiving. I decided to start my own caregiving business, strictly home care because so many seniors just need an extra bit of help. Many seniors want to stay in the comfort of their own home, living independent as long as possible and that’s where I come in!

The Negative Health Effects of Loneliness in Seniors


Among the many health concerns that can befall seniors, loneliness is one of the most common and least discussed. With aging come a number of factors that contribute to isolation and loneliness, such as the deaths of spouses and close friends, family members moving away, and the onset of debilitating illnesses. Worse, loneliness itself can cause a number of health-related issues for seniors, including increased risk mortality, depression, cognitive decline, dementia, high blood pressure, and a number of other conditions…

Companionship & Transportation​
Non Medical Care-Giving
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